Online credit immediate response, how to receive a positive opinion?


Online credit with immediate response is offered by all major organizations, as well as certain other players (banks, insurers). In most cases this is a policy response. It becomes final once the supporting documents have been validated. Using an online credit comparison tool allows you to query all the specialists in a single request. This saves time, but above all the guarantee of obtaining a favorable opinion at the best rate.

Online credit with immediate response: how does it work?

Online credit with immediate response: how does it work?

Online credit with immediate response in principle is offered by specialist organizations (Bankate, Viloan, Zaloan, etc.) and certain banks or insurers offering consumer credit. However, the organizations do not have the same acceptance conditions, explaining why a credit accepted with one can be refused with the neighbor.

Above all, some guarantee an immediate response in principle but delay before giving their final opinion. We will see how to get credit online with an immediate positive response, the first essential step in a quick credit search. We will finally see how to negotiate a credit request with an immediate negative response by all the players.

The credit comparator, best ally of fast credit

The credit comparator, best ally of fast credit

Requesting credit from an organization or a bank and receiving a negative opinion is discouraging. Our credit comparator was set up to avoid this feeling. It not only classifies the best consumer credit offers (personal loan, car loan, work loan, etc.) on the basis of the APR rate, but above all indicates in a transparent manner which are likely to accept the file easily.

A single form completed on our credit comparison tool allows you to question the best online credit specialists , ensuring several immediate responses . Let’s take a look at how to get fast credit online, with immediate policy response.

Online credit with immediate response, step by step

    1. Fill in our form the desired type of credit, the amount of the request and the ideal repayment period.
    2. The next step sends to the online credit questionnaire with immediate response. Integrating classic fields (identity, location, budget), it can be completed in a few minutes.
    3. Once the cheap online credit form has been completed, our comparator indicates whether the organization offering the best APR rate is capable or not of accepting the request.
    4. When the best organization has an acceptance rate of less than 5% (see below), it is possible to question without waiting for the second, as well as the third.
    5. The organization offering online credit with an immediate positive response returns to the consumer by email with the conditions of the offer.

Our simulation of the best € 10,000 credit over 48 months was in this example refused at the best rate by Bankate. On-line credit with immediate response is however accepted (acceptability> 80%) by Viloan, at an APR rate very close to that of Bankate. Each request is different and the conditions of acceptance vary according to many criteria (situation, job, income, etc.). Using an online credit comparison tool with immediate response increases your chances of receiving easy credit .

* The APR rate is the benchmark indicator for consumer credit. It includes interest, but also all possible additional costs of a credit (application fees, etc.). An honest credit comparator should rank offers based on the APR rate.

Credit with immediate response from banks, a sham?

Online banks today mostly offer online credit with immediate response. On the other hand, it is a not very thorough answer, often far from the actual acceptance conditions. Online bank credit in most cases only offers a simple simulation. However, to really get credit within a bank, our experience shows that you almost always have to be a good customer. Only the best bank customers, whose accounts are perfectly smooth and stable, will obtain advantageous rates for borrowing.

Banks – traditional or online – are also lagging behind in processing credit applications. To obtain a credit with immediate response on which to really count, we advise to turn to specialist organizations.

What to do in case of online credit with immediate negative response?

What to do in case of online credit with immediate negative response?

Some credit applications unfortunately receive negative responses. Here are the main solutions to consider:

  • Reduce the amount of the request or change the project.
  • Consider the possibility of adding a co-borrower – ideally their spouse – to their request. Borrowing together can in some cases strengthen demand for credit.

Note: people registered on the FICP (credit repayment incident file) cannot obtain online credit with immediate response.

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